The focus of this book, is to introduce you to tools used for developing art assets for games. However, this is not an art book. We won't be able to tell you what looks good or how best to achieve a certain effect. The focus of this book is to introduce you to the tools used by artists and the type of work they need to do as well as ways to augment the tools to develop more features.
You will need a bit of time to get used to the tools and become even a little proficient in their basic usage. The process of creating models is different from programming. Thus, it is very important that you keep up to date with work as we go and get the necessary notes from web page for reference.
Lastly this book serves as the subject notes for gam536 and dps936 at Seneca College.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen who was co-author on the original gam536/dps936 course notes. Thanks for all your work Hasan!
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